Charts in Dashboard

Charts are an important feature in your FoxMetrics dashboard that allows you to create and share a visual representation of your company’s data. Using charts, you can simplify complex information for decision-makers in your organization. You can create new charts from your dashboard, delete charts that you no longer need, and export charts as part of your report.

In this section, you’ll learn how charts work and how to add and use charts in your dashboard.

How to Add a Chart to your Dashboard

Once you are on your dashboard, navigate the chart tab.

1. Click on the Manage Dashboard button at the right top of the page (circled red above).

2. If you haven't created any tile on that dashboard, then the Add Tile button will still be visible.

3. Choose the tile you want to add. The tile window will appear where you can set the data type, filter, size, and others for the chart.

4. Click ‘add’ to add the chart to your dashboard.

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