New to FoxMetrics?

FoxMetrics is a complete enterprise-scale data platform that enables you to collect, analyze, and monitor your customers' journey data across all your websites and applications.
In FoxMetrics, you can consolidate, model, visualize and analyze your customers' journey data from various sources in one place to scale and improve your marketing, sales, and user experience strategies.
As an advanced analytics platform, FoxMetrics provides you access to eCommerce analytics, real-time event tracking, and data personalization using the following inbuilt products and functionalities:


It lets you perform quick data modelling using the power of SQL to generate and save data queries, snippets, views, ad-hoc reports, events, and more.


It provides you with the ability to build and share informative dashboards representing key attributes, trends, and metrics.


It allows you to specify, monitor, and validate your inbound stream of events and set up alerts and notifications accordingly.



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