Duplicating a Dashboard

If you find a dashboard useful, you can duplicate it to create a copy. You can change the title, description, and dashboard group of the duplicated dashboard. Once you duplicate a dashboard, any changes you make to the original dashboard won’t affect the duplicated copy.

The duplicated dashboard would stand alone just like the other dashboards.

Steps to Duplicate a Dashboard

  1. From the dashboard overview page, click on Dashboard on the SETTINGS section.

This will take you to the dashboard list page, where you can find all available dashboards on that application.

2. Click on the duplicate dashboard icon.

It will take you to the duplicate dashboard page.

3. Fill the form.

  • Enter a title for the duplicate copy.

  • Enter a description for the dashboard.

  • Choose a dashboard group to place it in.

4. Click 'Submit' to create the duplicate copy.

You can find the duplicate dashboard in your dashboard list.

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