Dashboard Filters

Dashboard filters allow you to narrow the scope of your data and get the results you need in just a few clicks. For instance, may you want to sort your sales data to only display for specific months. Filters to create the variables to sort and only display data for those months you want.

Similarly, if you want to only see performance for the last 3 days, you can create a filter that will apply to all the tiles on the dashboard and show data for the last 3 days.

In this section, you’ll learn all about filters, how you can use them on your dashboard and how you can apply filter to a single tile.

How to Apply a New Dashboard Filter

Note: only use this option if you want to apply the filter to all the tiles on the dashboard. If you only want to apply the filter to a specific tile, edit the tile instead.

Steps to Apply a Filter to all Tiles in a Dashboard.

1: Once within your dashboard, click on the ‘manage dashboard’ icon.

2: Click on the filter tab (next to tiles).

3. Click on the add filter icon

4: On the add filter window, select what you want to filter by from the dropdown.

5. Click ‘Add” to create a filter.

Note: The dropdown to create filters will only contain values applicable to the tiles that are on the dashboard. So if you want to add a filter, at least one tile on the dashboard needs to have a view that has that data. If no tile has data relating to the filters you selected, it will not return any results.

Create Multiple Filters

You can create as many filters as you want. For instance, you can create a filter to show traffic from a specific location and browser for the last three days.

To do this, you will need to create 3 filters, one for the location, one for the browser, and one for the 3 days date range.

Note About Dashboard Filters

Filter effect is temporary. The filter effect goes off once you leave the dashboard page. So if you click to leave the page, the tiles will return to their default view. You can also clear the filter effects by clicking on Clear.

How to Apply Filter(s) to a Single Tile

To apply filter to a single tile, you have to edit that tile. Here's how you can apply a filter(s) to a tile.

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