Dashboard Groups

Dashboard groups allows you to organize your dashboard by grouping together a collection of dashboards with similar use cases. So for example you can group all the dashboards relating to sales under a single group called ‘sales’. This makes it easier to quickly find specific dashboards, especially when you have many dashboards on your account. You can also group dashboards based on who created it or what it represents.

Creating A Dashboard Group

There are two ways to create a dashboard group.

Creating A Dashboard With The ‘Add Group’ Button

  1. On the dashboard page, click on the ‘Add Group’ icon at the top right.

This will take you to the 'new dashboard group page,' where you'll need to fill a form to create the dashboard group.

2: Filling the form

  • Enter the title of your dashboard group (this can be anything that relates to all the dashboards you want to group).

  • Enter a description: describe what the dashboard group is all about, so you don’t mistake one for another.

  • Permission groups: who can access the dashboard group? You can choose multiple users and roles.

3. Click Submit

Now whenever you are creating a new dashboard, you can categorize it under that group.

Create From The Dashboard Group List Page

  1. Click on ‘Groups’ under the ‘SETTINGS’ section at the bottom-left corner of the dashboard page. This will take you to the Dashboard group list page.

2. Once the page loads up, click on ‘Add New Group’. This will take you to the 'Dashboard group creation page' (image above). Just fill the form as instructed above and click submit to create your new dashboard group.

How To Change The Group Of Existing Dashboards

To change the group of any dashboard, you just need to edit the dashboard and then choose a new dashboard group for it.

Uncategorized Dashboards

'Uncategorized dashboards' is a system group for dashboards that aren't saved under any dashboard groups. If you create a dashboard but don't assign it to a group, it will be grouped under uncategorized dashboards.

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