Sharing Dashboards

Easily share your dashboard with others via email.

FoxMetrics allows you to share your dashboards with others via email. Sharing your dashboard allows others to see your data and other information on the dashboard. FoxMetrics dashboards are private until you share them and you can control what each person is able to do on the account.

How to Share a Dashboard

You can share a dashboard you own following these simple steps.

  1. Once in the specific dashboard you want to share, click on the share dashboard icon.

This will bring up the share dashboard popup.

2. Fill the form

  • Enter the email address of the user you want to share the dashboard with. You can share a dashboard with multiple users. Just enter their emails one by one.

  • Enter a message for the recipient.

3. Click 'Send Message.'

You'll receive a success message.

The recipient(s) would receive an email notifying them that you just shared a dashboard with them; with a link to login and view the dashboard.

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