Narrative Widget

The Narrative widget allows you to include text or visual data in storied form. Creating Narrative widgets is a great way to display important information or events to your dashboard. You can add a narrative widget to add descriptive explanations to your dashboard about specific data or events. It also comes in handy when creating a report.

Some Narrative Widget Use Cases Include:

  • Adding non-numerical information to your dashboard.

  • Displaying plain text providing information about your data sources or events.

  • Explain complex data in a storied form that anyone can understand.

How To Add A Narrative Widget To Your Dashboard

There are several reasons why you need to create a narrative tile. Here are the steps to adding one to your dashboard.

1. From within your dashboard, click on the Manage Dashboard icon at the top-right.

2. Under Widgets, click on the Narrative icon (circled red).

The Narrative Tile creation window should pop up. (This is where you set the specifics you want to display on the table). It’s also where you edit the widget if you want to change any of its elements.

General Section

The narrative widget window is not too different from what we’ve discussed under creating tiles.

The first part is the General, where you enter a title and description for the widget.

  • For instance, let’s say you want to explain why there’s a sudden increase in traffic. The title can be “Reason for Sudden increase in web traffic.”

  • For the description, enter a detailed description that helps you understand what the tile is all about (Sudden increase in traffic in this case).


The configuration section is where you enter the text for the narrative. You can input plain text or copy and paste in already typed text.

Look and feel

This section allows you to control the size of the narrative tile. There are several predefined sizes you can choose from including unset, small, default, default wide, wide small, wide and full width.

  • We will use default wide.

Now we are all done. Just click Save to add the Narrative tile to your dashboard.

Here’s what our narrative tile looks like based on available data.

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