The Tracking Code

The tracking code is used to install FoxMetrics on a website or web app. When you click on the tracking option icon for each application, the tracking code for that application pops up.

Typically, you won’t be able to access a new application except there’s data flowing into it. And this requires installing/ implementing Foxmetrics.

To install Foxmetrics on your website using the tracking code, copy and paste the tracking code into the<head>tag of your site. The Installation Guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to integrate FoxMetrics on various platforms using Google Tag Manager.

Once you’ve configured Foxmetrics on your site, wait for 1 hour before trying to access the application.

If there’s enough traffic coming to your site, it should start tracking after an hour.

However, if your site is new and you don’t have a ton of traffic, try clicking around the website to generate enough events to move you past the application restriction.

Once FoxMetrics is implemented, the tracking code warning (above) would change from yellow to green.

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