Editing a tile

Want to change the view (data type), resize, date range, or even apply a filter(s) to a tile, then editing it is the way forward. Here's how to go about editing a tile.

Steps to Edit a Tile

Example: below is a comparison chart tracking pageviews for the last 7 days and comparing it with the pageviews from the previous 7 days.

We will edit this chart and make the following changes.

Editing a Tile

1. To edit a tile, click on the edit icon on that specific tile.

2. Click on the Edit option. This will bring up the comparison table window for that tile.

Changing a Tile’s Title and Description

The Tile is set to track and compare weekly pageviews with that from the previous week. But we can change it to track and compare monthly pageviews with the previous month. As such, we will change the title and description to reflect monthly pageviews instead.

Editing the Data Section

There are several options you can change in this section. You can change the View and Values to track something other than pageviews. You can also change the Breakdown to increase or decrease the number of data points.

We will only change the Date Range and Compare Period.

The current date range is set as ‘Last 7 full days.’

However, since we want to track and compare monthly pageviews, we will have to change it to “Last Full 30 Days.”

Applying Filter to a Tile

The comparison tile currently has no filter currently. However, we can add a filter to only visualize specific data.

Let’s add a filter to only show pageviews that have established referrers (referring website).

To do this,\;

1. click on add filter.

2. For the dimension/measure, choose Page Referrer.

3. For the quantifier, choose Exists.

Editing the Option section

The Maximum Item Limit was set at 100.

We can change that to 500.

Resizing a Tile

There’s no option to change the size of a tile within the dashboard. If you want to change the size of a specific tile, you have to edit it and go to the look & feel section to select any other options there.

The size of this comparison tile is currently set Default Wide.

We can change this to any other option like Wide.

Once done Click save to reflect the Edit. (refresh the page if the changes doesn’t reflect immediately).

Final Outcome

Here’s what the Tile will look like after the Edit. It's now visualizing monthly pageviews for two seperate months.

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