Managing Applications

What you will learn:

How To Create A New Application

If there’s a need to segment your account, then creating a new application would be a good idea.

  1. To do this, click on the Add application’ button. It will take you to the add new application page.

  2. Enter a name and URL for the new application.

  3. Click Submit

Customers are unable to create applications at the moment. If you want multiple applications, contact your FoxMetrics Account Manager.

Editing an Application

There are several reasons to want to edit an application. Maybe you have a better name for it, or you want to change the URL for the application.

Steps to edit an application

  1. Click on the edit application icon. This will take you to the edit application page.

2. On the edit page, change the name or/ and URL of the application.

3. Click ‘Submit’.

Deleting an Application

There may be a need to delete an application, especially when it’s no longer useful. Once you delete an application, it will be removed from the system, and the dashboards and other data on it would be irretrievable.

Steps to Delete an Application

  1. To delete an application, click on the delete option icon.

You’ll be requested to confirm you’re deleting permanently.

2. Click Proceed to delete the application.

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