Widgets in Dashboard

Widgets are the components of a dashboard that allows you to visualize vital information. For instance, a table widget would allow you to create tables to input vital information.

In this section, you’ll learn how widgets work and how to add a widget to your dashboard.

How To Add A Widget to Your Dashboard

Once you’ve created your dashboard, you can then proceed to add a widget to it. There are several widgets on your FoxMetrics dashboard like tables, numbers, retention, narrative, etc.

Below are the steps to add any of those widgets.

1. First choose the Dashboard where you want to add the widget: Let’s say we want to add a widget to a dashboard called Page Views. Select the page view dashboard.

2. Once you are on your dashboard, click on the Manage Dashboard icon at the right top of the page (circled red).

3. On the right, choose the widget you want to add to your dashboard.

the tile creation window should pop up once you click on any widget.

4. Set the data you want to track/visualize, the date range, filter, tile size, and others on the page creation window.

5. Click Save to add tile to your dashboard.

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